Carpets for indoor

Building your ETS racing track? Check out our RC Carpet ETS. Made of 100% polypropylene fibre, its flat needle-punchedstructure makes it the perfect carpet for ETS Onroad RC tracks. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Due to the flat structure the RC Carpet ETS is light enough to be rolled and relocated from venue to venue. With RC Carpet ETS you can create the ideal ETS track for all different championship races. RC Carpet ETS is durable solid flat needle-punch carpet. It will not create fuzz, or loose fibres due to its fibre density and structure, thus keeping your ultimate machines clean and fast. Already used on many ETS tracks worldwide, RC Carpet ETS is the international standard for ETS Onroad RC Tracks.

Technical specs

Back coated, Fireproof : Fire rate Cfl-s1
Suitable for intensive traffic areas.
Roll size: 30m x 2m /30m x 3m / 30m x 4m.

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